Our rabbit hotel

Our rabbit hotel

Animals have a magical effect - especially on children.

This is evident in early childhood, when the first plush toy makes for a radiant face.

Over time, the cuddly friend becomes a constant companion for many children, whether in kindergarten, on excursions or in their own four walls. This creates a very special connection . This connection becomes even more intense when the little ones meet a living animal for the first time - an experience that does not lose any of its fascination with advancing age.

On holiday with animals you and your children have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the animal residents of our hotel. Gently hug a fluffy dwarf rabbit and feel its warmth. Experiences like these are what your children will remember for a long time - often for a lifetime!

During the summer season, each child receives its own foster rabbit , which we feed together and maintain. Our four-legged friends look forward to future rabbit parents.