Sustainability in the Embacher Sporthotel


We are constantly trying to think outside the box in order to offer our guests a sustainable experience in the hotel.

We have taken some measures for the sake of our environment. < / strong>

Our commitment to a sustainable future:

  • We ban as much plastic as possible from our daily hotel routine
  • We work with regional companies and companies. Short distances are environmentally friendly
  • If possible, we prefer large packs to dismantle packaging (soap, detergents, breakfast products, ..)
  • We use LED lamps in our hotel because they currently the most environmentally friendly light sources.
  • Cleaning of towels only at the request of the guest, during the stay
  • possibility for guests to cancel the cleaning and thus receive a small present
  • Separation of waste (compost, paper, aluminum, plastic, glass ...) wherever possible
  • Insulation of the facade to improve the heat and noise insulation as well as generous insulation of all structural elements
  • Use of our high-quality tap water, from the local mountain spring, in water carafes, instead of PET bottles
  • Processing of correspondence preferably only electronically